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Standard Features on All Grand Tailors Custom Made Suits

A suit is inarguably the finest item of clothing a man can wear, a medium to instil confidence among other men and a way to channel gentlemanliness.

From the days of aristocracy to contemporary times, suits have undergone an evolution; however the essence of a suit has not changed. While lapels may have become narrower, the number of buttons may have decreased, and double breasted jackets may have been replaced by single-breasted styles, the craftsmanship and level of skill required to tailor a suit has not changed over the years. Detailing, stitching and cut still remain the main factors in creating a high-quality suit today as they did before.

We know our craft

As a one-stop-solution for premier tailor made suits in Hong Kong, Grand Tailors is equipped to create any type of suit you could want, from the classic double-breasted style to the traditional tuxedo to formal single-breasted suit jackets and casual jackets with one, two or three buttons.

Our suits are hand-cut by a specialist to carefully meet the 35 measurements taken by our tailors at the outset, stitched manually when required like around the buttonholes and lapel’s edge, with premium quality silk thread, and lined with the finest quality fabric whether half or fully lined. Where appropriate, slacks are also lined and seams are reinforced to provide maximum durability. Once the suit is completely stitched, it goes through a comprehensive quality check to ensure our high standards are met. We make suits that last a lifetime.

Not just professionals, but artisans

As the finest centre of custom tailored suits in Hong Kong, we train employees for specific tasks so that our craftsmen are masters of their work, and can hone their skills over the years to achieve the best results.

Each suit has its own identity – we maintain records of every suit we have ever made are able to refit or reconst older suits if the client prefers. If the client’s size remains unchanged, we can make a suit with just a phone call or email.

Choose your style

Classic or contemporary, or create your own from a variety of options all trademarks of our quality workmanship, we can also duplicate any garment.

Extensive Fabric Selection

We have an extensive selection of fabrics, including a wide assortment of elegant four season fabrics.

Sport Jackets and Blazers

We are recognized for our expert selection of smart casual dressing.


You can depend on Grand Tailors to provide only the very best trousers available.

Our Sport Coats in single or double-breasted styles, provide smart casual and comfortable wear for business and pleasure.

Custom Tailored Suit Model Custom Tailored Blazer Model Custom Tailored Gray Suit

Select from:

  • English Italian All Wools
  • English Italian Silk Wools
  • English Italian Tweed Wools
  • Cashmere Cashmere Wools
  • Camel Hair

Slacks Styles

Select from:

  • Loops - No Loops
  • Pleats - No Pleats
  • Cuffs - No Cuffs
  • Straight, Slant, or Western Pockets
  • Front Lined to Knee
  • Heal Guards
  • Crotch reinforcing panel
  • Shirt 'gripper' waist band

Things you can't afford:

  • to spend one day in an uncomfortable suit or shirt;
  • to buy a garment simply for its label;
  • to be passed from one department sales person to another;
  • to confuse style with fashion;
  • to own a closet full of forgettable clothes;
  • to confuse value with price;
  • to be "helped" by a salesperson on commission;
  • to sacrifice style, fit, or fabric tailoring;
  • to be less than well dressed