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Two Custom Tailored Shirts Enhance your new Grand Tailors suit with a package of custom fitted shirts.

Shirts, just like suits, have evolved into a style-defining piece of clothing. From just a functional garment in the past, the shirt has assumed an essential place a man’s wardrobe.

As creators of premium quality custom tailored shirts, we understand how contemporary shirts must reflect the demands of a fashion-driven market and capitalize on advances in production techniques.

For us, it’s not a shirt but a piece of art

Our experienced shirting experts understand fitting is the most important element of a shirt. Even the best stitching, detailing and collar style cannot enhance the appearance of a shirt if it does not fit well. We make sure every shirt we create aligns perfectly with the shoulder, midsection and chest. Our holistic approach, which uses different measurements and covers varied tailoring expertise, distinguishes us from others.

A shirt for different occasions

We customize our fit depending on the client, from classic to slim and modern to skinny. Clients can also choose different collars such as classic, semi-spread, spread, button down, eye let, wing, mandarin, small wings, band and standing, and cuffs such as square, round, angle-cut, two button, three buttons and French. We can custom create an array of shirt designs, with different pleats, like plain, fly front pleat or Ivy centre pleat, depending on what the client wants.

Fabric and colour that go along merrily

We can also help you to choose the right fabric and complementing colours to match your suits. With a collection of high-quality and unique fabrics imported from England, Germany, Italy, and France, we provide an end-to-end custom tailored shirts service.


Get measured by our experts, - they can also assist you in color coordinating your shirts with your suits.

Our custom shirts are just that customized to your preferences and your body.


Business dress shirts, casual & sport shirts and Formal Tuxedo shirts

You may select your own combination of styles:

Collar - choose from various spreads and lengths of collar styles to suit you
Sleeve cuff - French, two-button, one-button barrel, or convertible cuff
Shirt front - plain, pleated or fly front
Shirt back - Side Pleat or Ivy Center Pleat

Select from over 3,000 Fabrics

Feel the Quality of the world's best fabrics

  • Business shirts in cotton poplins, oxfords and sea-island 2-fold cotton.
  • Formal dress shirts for evening wear; informal weekend shirts in Oxford cottons, plain colours or country checks.

Other Options at no extra charge:

  • Monograms - select style and placement
  • White collar and/or cuffs
  • Stays - permanent or removable
  • Pockets - one, two or no pockets
  • and much more....

Whether a client needs business or tuxedo shirts complementing a jacket or suit, or casual shirts on their own, Grand Tailors is the place to visit.

Custom Tailored Shirts - Over 3,000 Unique Fabrics