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Tuxedos have evolved greatly over the years, from the classic double-breasted jackets crafted with peaked lapel and wing or turn down collar and worn with a bow and ruffle-front shirt and waistband to modern blazers with narrow lapels and fewer buttons.

A perfect wedding ensemble

While contemporary tuxedos look completely different today, they are still usually worn in black. At ; Grand Tailors, we are deft at creating tuxedos that bring out the best in men. As a crafter of the finest tuxedos tailored in Hong Kong, we provide custom tailoring services for the complete tuxedo, whether a tuxedo shirt, jacket or trousers.

From classic to contemporary tuxedos

We can make every type of tuxedo, whether a single-breasted peaked or shawl lapel, double-breasted peaked lapel with 4-on-1 buttons, or a shawl lapel with 4-on-2 buttons. We have established ourselves as a centre of excellence when it comes to tailoring tuxedos.

Backed by years of experience in tailoring, we help clients choose the right style of tuxedo, shirt and fabric. If you are not sure what kind of tuxedo to get, we are the right place to visit.

Custom top coats made with different fabric

The skill set of our professionals is not limited to just tuxedo jackets; we also have expertise in custom tailored top coats. Clients choose the pattern, weight, and texture of the fabric for a top coat, and we take care of the tailoring and all the finer details that follow the latest fashion while complementing your individual style.

Whether using the finest Scottish tweeds, English wool worsteds, or cashmeres, our skilled staff can create coats that are functional as well as stylish. We ensure our coats are handmade and tailored to the highest standards of quality to ensure that your topcoat looks great, feels comfortable, and can be worn on a number of occasions.

Tuxedos and Tails

Specially designed English & Italian fabrics and styles to choose from.

Topcoats / Overcoats

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