Tailored Suits For Men's Ladies Custom Made Suits

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Affordable Elegance - From US$1,499
2 Suits + 1 Jacket with Pants or 3 Suits
Superfine English & Italian Wool Worsted fabrics to choose from.
Executive Image - From US$1,699
2 Suits + 1 Jacket with Pants or 3 Suits
Finest English & Italian fabrics to choose from.
President/Chairman Impact - From US$1,899
2 Suits + 1 Jacket with Pants or 3 Suits
Fabrics from the Quality mills of Dormeuil, Scabal, Valentino, Garavani, etc. Suits have many exclusive features including slacks half lined and jacket sleeves with working button holes, depending on your preference.
Custom Made to Measure Shirts - From US$329
6 Custom Made Shirts
Finest cotton & cotton blend fabrics. English, Egyptian, Sea Island, and Swiss Cotton. Made to your exact measurements, style and specifications.

Individual Prices

Custom Tailored Men's Suits From
English & Italian All Wool US$430
English & Italian Gabardine Wool US$430
English & Italian Tweed Wool US$440
English Terylene/Wool US$440
English Mohair/Wool US$460
Dacron/Cotton US$460
Italian Pure Silk US$550
Exclusive English & Italian Fabrics US$850
Custom Tailored Sport Jackets / Blazers From
English & Italian All Wool US$360
English & Italian Silk Wool US$380
English & Italian Tweed Wool US$390
Camel Hair US$490
Cashmere & Cashmere Wool US$490
Custom Tailored Top Coats / Overcoats From
English & Italian All Wool US$590
Cashmere/Wool US$680
Pure Cashmere US$890
Custom Tailored Slacks / Pants / Trousers From
Assorted Fabrics US$160
Custom Tailored Vests From
Assorted Fabrics US$150
Custom Tailored Formal Tuxedo From
Tuxedos & Tails US$650
Tuxedos Shirts US$88
Custom Tailored Shirts From
100% Cotton US$65
Blends US$55
Silks US$85
Custom Tailored Ladies clothing From
English & Italian Wool & All Other Fabric Suits US$540
Pure Cashmere, Cashmere/Wool & Merino Wool, Top Coats US$690
Cotton, Cotton Blends, Silk Shirts/Blouses US$65